Energy storage

Energy storage - a profitable and sustainable investment

Energy storage - a profitable and sustainable investment

We help you build a future-proof and sustainable energy storage solution. With our complete solution, we take you from idea to finished installation. Balance and optimize your property with an energy storage system.

From idea to reality

Svensk Fordonsladdning offers scalable turnkey solutions for all types of businesses. We take responsibility throughout the project, taking you from idea to finished facility, so you can focus on your core business.

  • Smooth integration into your existing electrical system.
  • Store your solar energy and use it when needed.
  • Provide support services and monetize your energy storage.
  • Increase the available power in the property without increasing the property's main fuse.

Aros Auto establishes energy storage in connection with vehicle charging.

In close cooperation with Svensk Fordonsladdning AB, they are taking a step into the future and establishing both vehicle charging and an energy storage system.

Economic benefits of energy storage

The ability to store energy during periods of low load and therefore low cost, reduce high consumption peaks and provide support services are just some of the benefits of our energy storage systems.

Load balancing typically involves storing energy during periods of low system load and supplying it during periods of high demand. During periods of high consumption, energy is fed from the energy storage solution, reducing the utilization of generation units with high production costs. With load balancing, investments in grid upgrades or new generation capacity can be postponed.

Peak load reduction is similar to load balancing but is primarily aimed at reducing consumption peaks rather than improving operational economy. The aim is to avoid the installation of transmission capacity that ensures power supply during peak demand in networks with highly variable loads. Energy storage provides fast response and emission-free operation and is thus an ideal solution for the application.

The variable, intermittent output of a renewable energy power plant, such as wind or solar power, can be maintained at a specified level for a certain period of time. An energy storage system balances the output and controls the output variation (MW/min) to eliminate rapid voltage and power changes in the grid.

The generation of intermittent electricity from renewable and other sources combined with variable loads results in deviations from the grid's rated frequency. With energy storage systems, the balance between supply and demand can be smoothly restored. The system charges and discharges depending on whether the grid frequency increases or decreases, within set limits.

The demand for high-quality electricity has increased. This is in line with the digital economy and greater use of sensitive electronic equipment and microprocessor-based controllers. Despite this, investment in many electricity networks around the world has not kept pace, making them even more vulnerable to disturbances such as voltage drops and short power outages. Energy storage systems with accurate and fast response improve power quality and protect downstream lines from short-term operational disturbances in the grid.

In order for the energy storage system to act as a grid-connected backup generator, it is maintained at a level that allows it to be activated immediately in the event of an interruption in power generation or transmission. Depending on the application, the system can respond within milliseconds or minutes and secure the power supply in the grid. Svenska kraftnät procures support services to maintain the balance and operational reliability of the power system. Read more about the requirements for delivering ancillary services to the grid here.

Energy storage combined with vehicle charging

Scalable energy storage solutions provide the opportunity to create the right charging capacity for electric vehicles based on today's needs while gradually increasing charging and battery capacity as needs increase.

Load balancing

Store energy when system load and cost are low and lower the average peak load over time.

Peak load reduction

Energy peaks that exceed the limit of your agreement are reduced by taking energy from the energy storage solution.

Energy reserve

The energy storage solution acts as a back-up and enables continued operation in case of short-term power outages.

Designed and tested maximal reliability in the nordic climate

  • Robust design with focus on operational reliability and quality
  • Factory-tested products that ensure functionality before being delivered to the installation site.
  • Installation is always done by trained and certified personnel.

Flexible and scalable configurations to meet current and future needs

  • The solution takes into account current needs while enabling future expansion and reducing the cost of the initial investment.
  • Supports parallel installation for higher power requirements.

Optimal system security to reduce risks and protect assets

  • Battery management system (BMS) that monitors at cell, module and system level.
  • Anti-fire propagation and auto-fire suppression system.
  • Each cabinet is equipped with an HVAC unit, as well as temperature, smoke and flood sensors.

Qualitative solutions

We deliver system configurations and solutions with a focus on high product quality, fully adapted to your business and needs. A complete system for energy storage that is designed and adapted for smooth installation and efficient operation. In addition, there is a robust construction to withstand a tough outdoor environment.

The systems are modularly scalable and can be prepared for future needs.

Our system configurations start at a power conversion capacity from 100kW up to 10mW and have a storage capacity in the same range. For solutions outside the specified range, you can submit a request.

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With a wide range of products, we can offer flexible solutions.

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Operation & Maintenance

To avoid downtime for charging stations, it is important to carry out regular maintenance.

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