Operation & Maintenance

We keep your facility operational for the future

We keep your charging site operational for the future

We offer our customers different types of operation and maintenance contracts depending on the design of the facility. Whether it is charging stations or energy storage, we help you with the whole thing. We set up the SLA (service level agreement) according to the customer's wishes.

Operation and maintenance to meet your needs

With today's different types of charging stations and energy storage, there are great opportunities to troubleshoot and fix malfunctions remotely via remote systems. To avoid downtime on charging stations, energy storage and peripheral equipment, it is important to regularly maintain these according to the manufacturers' recommendations, by signing a service agreement with us, we can help you maintain the reliability of your facilities. Contact us for more information.

Upgrading an existing charging station

Are you the owner of a charging station today? Are you aware that most chargers installed in recent years are upgradeable? We handle the majority of the available chargers and can easily help you increase the power of your existing installations.

Through a simple intervention, power modules are installed and you as a facility owner thus get a charging station with higher power and capacity. In a study conducted in Europe based on charging effects, it shows that 150kW is an average for optimal charging power for electric cars today. Contact us to find out if your charging station can be made more attractive through a few simple steps!

Operation- and maintenance over the entire country

In order to avoid interruptions or malfunctions at your facility, it is important to regularly maintain them in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. By signing an operation and maintenance agreement with us, the operational reliability of your plant increases.

  • Rättvik
  • Göteborg
  • Örebro
  • Eskilstuna
  • Bollnäs

Operation- and maintenance agreement

Svensk Fordonsladdning specialize in complete turnkey solutions in DC charging and energy storage. Regardless of size, geographical location or high SLA requirements. We customize the operation and maintenance agreement to suit your particular facility.

With a focus on reliability

Performing preventive maintenance on fast chargers is becoming more and more crucial for the lifetime of the installations. What has also been shown to improve significantly by servicing your charging station is operational reliability. It is also a requirement of many manufacturers to maintain or extend the warranty.

All operation and maintenance is carried out by certified service technicians.

  • Service according to each manufacturer's service program
  • Software updates
  • Analysis of potential error codes
  • Life-cycle analysis
  • Action plan
  • Extended warranty
  • Standby with an agreed turnaround time
  • Stock of spare parts
  • Remote control & monitoring
  • Thermography
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